Marc Bhalla is a mediator and arbitrator who focuses his practice on what he knows inside and out - condominiums

Marc appreciates the nuances of condominium conflict management, including the unique restrictions surrounding how they can be addressed and the difficulties posed by forced ongoing relationships between people experiencing issues with one another.

Marc holds the Chartered Mediator (C.Med) designation of the ADR Institute of Canada, the most senior designation available to practising mediators in Canada.  He offers dispute resolution services both online and in person and is dedicated to providing his clients with affordable, flexible and comfortable processes.

Marc is passionate about mediation as an effective tool for improving uncomfortable situations. 

Marc is active on social media and welcomes connecting on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Marc's charity of choice is Food Allergy Canada as he supports efforts to educate society about anaphylactic food allergies - particularly those experienced by children - and has contributed as a guest writer to the organization's monthly newsletter.

His personal interests include technology, fashion and music on vinyl.  Marc has recently taken up golf, enjoys jogging and plays hockey.