Summer & Autumn 2019

ADR Institute of Ontario Conference - June 6th
Marc presented at ADRIO's 34th AGM and Conference “Expanding the Pie: Appropriate Dispute Resolution in the new Millennium” on Thursday, June 6th in Toronto.  His presentation was titled Catch Up or Get Left Behind... Arbitrating Online in 2019 and had a Back to the Future theme.  This workshop that was accredited by the Law Society of Ontario.

Health & Well-Being of ADR Practitioners Full Day Workshop - July 25th
Marc chaired a day long program focused on ADR practitioners on July 25th at the head office of the ADR Institute of Ontario.  The interactive presentation encouraged working mediators, arbitrators and others to discuss their mental and physical health and wellness.  The workshop that was accredited by the Law Society of Ontario.

Mediator Tool Kit Webinar - July 29th
Marc presented an hour long webinar at 12 noon on Monday, July 29th for FDRIO (the Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario) on how mediators can develop "survival kits" to better take care of themselves and their clients as they facilitate the mediation process.

Keynote Speaker at Regina Conference - September 28th
Marc will be the keynote speaker at a Condo Conference being presented in Regina, Saskatchewan on Saturday, September 28th.  Stay tuned for further details.

The Condo Conference - October 5th
Marc will return to moderate a session at the annual Condo Conference held in Toronto on Saturday, October 5th.  His session is titled It's Not Funny to Them:  Tales of Difficult People and will feature an entertaining, provocative and insightful look into why people can be viewed as challenging and how best to deal with them.

Family Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (FDRIO) Annual Concerence - November 18th
Marc will be speaking on November 18th at the 5th annual FDRIO Conference in Toronto at the session titled The Role of Technology in Facilitating FDR.  Marc will be sharing practical examples of how he applies technology to his practice to introduce efficiency and comfort for his clients.  Click here for more about this conference.


In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.
- Albert Einstein